Cleaning with ketchup, corn starch, vodka, and tennis balls? Yes it is possible and effective too

There are a lot of great cleaning products out there but we
do not always have them when we need them.
And some are too expensive to buy for a one time use and it takes up too
much space to buy every product you think you may need some day.
  However professional cleaners have some
cleaning hacks to use every day products you probably already have in the house
to correct some special cleaning problems.

Vodka to get rid of a Red Wine stain

Accidents happen but red stains are some of the hardest to
get out of a carpet once they set in.
However there is a quick fix for one of the most common red stains.  If red wine is spilled on your carpet blot up
as much as you can with terry cloth towel or even paper towels.
  Do not rub the carpet as it can damage the
fibers an even melt the carpet if you rub fast enough.
  Just press down as hard as you can to pull
the excess wine into the towel.
you have blotted as much as you can, pour a clear alcohol on the drink.
  Vodka works best but you can even use white
  Blot up the alcohol you poured
onto the stain until it is finally gone.
You may want to rinse the spot later or clean it with carpet spotter to
avoid dirt being attracted to the residue left by the clear alcohol.
  The purer the alcohol like vodka the less
residue and the less likely the spot will attract soil again quickly.

Tennis Balls will remove scuff marks from almost any hard

Clack scuff marks on a hard surface floor can be very hard
to remove.
  However janitors across the
country have had a secret for years to remove these stains, tennis balls.
  The material on a tennis ball will gently
remove scuff marks without damaging the surface.
   If you want to make it even easier to use
you can cut a slit in the tennis ball and put it over the end of broom stick so
you do not need to bend over.

Corn Starch to remove oily spills

We already talked about red wine but another hard to remove
stain is oils like cooking oil.
to remove the oil with water almost never works because oil is hydrophilic
(water hating) and will actually push deeper into the carpet and pad to get
away from the water.
   Next time try
putting some corn starch on the spill and gently press it into the carpet.
  It will take some time but eventually the
spot will dry and the oil will be absorbed into the corn starch.
  Once it is completely dry you can just vacuum
up the powder and all traces of the oil will be gone.

Ketchup to clean tarnished metals.

Copper, brash, and even silver tends to tarnish over time as
these metals are exposed to air and the oils in your skin.
  Ketchup can be a quick and easy way to clean
tarnished metals.
  Ketchup contains acid
from the vinegar and tomato paste and salt all of which make it effective to
remove tarnish.
   Put ketchup on the
metal you want to be cleaned.
   Let it
sit for a few minutes to give it time to work then rinse it off with warm water
and try it with a cloth and it will look as good as new with no tarnish at all.