Entering a new business venture can be an exciting but nerve-wracking experience. There are so many considerations to make. And suppose you’re looking into starting a cleaning service business, the initial decision to make is whether to launch your own brand or go for a cleaning franchise business. 

There’s no doubt that purchasing a franchise can get you to start running your business in a few months or even weeks. However, this might not be the case if you launch your own cleaning business from scratch. Like all things in life, it’s essential to explore the benefits and downsides of owning a cleaning franchise before finally deciding which path to choose.

You can clear your mind better by exploring the pros and cons of cleaning franchises as discussed below:


  • Established Brand And Identity

It’s human nature for people to trust and patronize brands they already know and are familiar with. This concept generally applies in most situations in life. For instance, you’re likely to trust a more well-known brand, go to chain restaurants, or use a prominent cosmetics brand than risk using an unknown one. 

The same applies to opening your cleaning business. You automatically get brand recognition from your target audience when you open a franchise. Hence, you no longer need to formulate as many marketing strategies as needed, as your franchiser has already established the brand on its own. And chances are, they have already promoted their cleaning business on social media and other mediums.

Also, one of the ultimate perks of buying a cleaning franchise is gaining access to their numerous resources and connections. You can be exposed to some industry secrets and discover and meet suppliers and critical people who can help your business grow. The experience of previous owners and leaders can be leveraged to increase your chances of success.

And so, in the service industry, a cleaning business might take more years to establish its brand and earn customers’ trust. If you go on your own path, you may need to take time to achieve this. 

  • Low Risks 

It’s considered more secure to invest in a franchise than a new business due to its more extensive, established backing. If you don’t want to take huge risks, you should go into a franchise instead. Many of these cleaning corporations have proven themselves effective, gained enough share in the market, and are constantly modifying their business strategies. They can share their studies and metrics with you so you can also apply them in your business operations. 

Another perk of getting a franchise is the financial aspect of applying for business loans. Franchise business loans are easier to obtain than independent business loans because of their history of success. Banks and other financial institutions are much more willing to help you out since their risks are lower, and your business comes with a stable and solid brand. 

  • Standard Operating Process

A franchise’s operating process system is one of the key benefits of going for a franchise. The franchise creator usually develops the operating system, specifying how the business will function. And so, imagine how convenient and time-saving that could be for your new cleaning business. You won’t have to conduct trial and error, which might generate hefty expenses initially. When you franchise a cleaning business, you’ll generally be given the standard operating process and enough business guides so you can start running your business smoothly.


  • Initial Cost

It’s without a doubt that franchising a cleaning business will require a significant amount of money. This is especially true if you’re looking into purchasing a well-known brand. And as a new entrepreneur, this may be a challenge you’d have to resolve if the initial expense is beyond your budget.

And so, while franchising a cleaning business can be profitable in the long run, the initial cost you have to invest may be relatively high. 

  • Potential Conflict 

While you may take advantage of the business support and guidance from the headquarters, this can also lead to conflicts. If there is an imbalance of power in a close business relationship, the parties may result in disagreements. And as mentioned, being in a cleaning franchise agreement will require you to follow the terms and standards set out by the franchiser. In usual cases, the cleaning franchisee won’t have as much power as the franchiser, which can put you on the losing end. 

In addition, some cleaning franchisees could potentially suffer from lack of support, clashing opinions, or any other possible reasons for conflicts. Therefore, before dealing with a franchiser for your cleaning business, ensure to research thoroughly, read customer testimonials, and meet the franchiser a few times before closing the deal.  

  • Decreased Business Control 

Owners of independent businesses get to maintain control over their brand and all business decisions. Unfortunately, this is not the case for your cleaning franchise. Every minor and major business implementation you need to do will need to be approved by the franchiser office first. 

As such, as you purchase a franchise, it’s a given that you surrender some level of control to your cleaning business. This includes protocols and strategies you may want to explore or implement. So, expect and consider this aspect first before deciding whether a cleaning franchise is right for you.  


Overall, when choosing to open a cleaning business, you’ll be caught deciding whether you want to open a franchise or start your own business. By understanding the pros and cons mentioned above, you can better decide whether a franchise is best for you. Franchises are great opportunities for most people, and despite some drawbacks, the pros usually tend to outweigh the cons. 

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