Own your power as a strong influence as a business owner – and make deliberate choices about how you want to influence your employees, clients, and community through that role

ELVIS PRESLEY – Forever a pop icon-and quite possibly the man responsible for creating America’s pop culture in the first place-Presley is rocking and rolling his way through a third generation of fans.  In fact, the only things fading for Presley, who would have turned 78 years old on January 8, 2013, are some of those sequin jumpsuits he used to wear in the early 1970s.

– was the leader of the USSR (Russia) from 1924 until his death in 1953.  He was responsible for the killing of 56,000,000 people (7,000,000 men, 7,000,000 soldiers and 42,000,000 women and children).  At least 25 million Soviets perished in the war with Germany before the Russian army and his western allies defeated Hitler in 1945.

 – President Lincoln’s achievements assured his continuing legacy. He saved the Union and freed the slaves. In his Gettysburg Address, he defined the Civil War as a re-dedication to the ideals set forth in the Declaration of Independence.  Although he hated war, his decision to proclaim it against the southern Confederate states resulted in 620,000 deaths.

 – sold the house where he was born to buy a racecar at the age of 22.  He raced in and built Maseratis, Alfa Romeos and Fiats.  The first car built bearing his name was the Ferrari 125S in 1947 and the rest is history.  Ferrari has left a legacy for aficionados like no other exotic motor car may equal.  A 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO with chassis number 3505 was purchased by American billionaire Craig McCaw for $35 million in June 2012.  But you can buy a new 2012 Ferrari 599 for a measly $310,543.

 – My father (1911-2002) was born in British Columbia, Canada and was one of the first students to graduate from the Vancouver School of Art.  He joined the Canadian air force and served as an official air force artist.  In addition to sketches, oils and water colors, he also did a fair number of etchings in copper .  After the war he moved to New York City and continued to make his living in the art world and eventually became a scenic artist for the Metropolitan Opera House until he retired and moved back to Vancouver 

 – We all have the opportunity to leave a foot print in this world before we finally leave it.  It does not have to be as noteworthy as the preceding illustrations.  Hopefully, it will be a positive contribution to society or, at least, those around us. 

It might be as simple as adopting a cause like advocating for a greener planet, animal welfare, raising a wonderful family or just being a great person.  As a business owner, you can provide a great service for hundreds of people who need it.  As an employer you can offer satisfying jobs to dozens of people who will remember you as a great boss.

With 18 years in the cleaning industry and 45 years of experience building his own businesses, 
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