March 19, 2015 at 3:00 pm ET | Free Webinar

You want – no, you NEED – people you can trust, not just to come close to the level of cleaning perfection you can do but to love your clients like you do.


But how can you trust what someone writes on a job application, lists on a resume, or says in an interview? You can’t, and you already knew that, right!


That doesn’t mean you have to guess. Many cleaning business owners use entry-level surveys/assessments that are based on decades of scientific study and are designed to show you the attitudes or pre-dispositions of an employment candidate. And you can take that even further as a check-and-balance to your hiring for positions of more responsibility and leadership.


Join Liz Trotter to look at why and how science-based assessments help you to learn UP FRONT who’s likely to be a good fit for everything from technician to General Manager and even CEO – and who won’t.


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Thursday 3/19 at 3 pm ET




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