This episode of Smart Business Moves brings on Sharon Tinberg to talk about her methods of training cleaning professionals. But before getting into that, Tom goes into detail on the new forms of PPP and the taxes that may be involved in running your business. Tom says that some businesses may have to end up paying more in taxes because of the money they took from the PPP loans. Depending on how everything turns out on a federal level. However, this was only a short part of the episode. Sharon came on because she thinks training is very important and some people only “play at training”. Meaning, they aren’t doing it correctly and are basically playing a futile game. If you watch this episode, you can hear about Sharon’s tried and true methods of training cleaning professionals. As always, Smart Business Moves is live on Facebook every weekday at 5 pm EST. To watch this episode, click the link below!

Training Cleaning Professionals: SBM with guest Sharon Tinberg

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