How you can stay profitable AND environmentally friendly

Over the last couple of decades things have changed quite a lot in respect to the environment. More people than ever are concerned about their consumption habits and how they might be negatively affecting the planet. This is evident in the rise of eco-friendly products, businesses and other environmental initiatives such as carbon offsetting.

As with any large movement things trickle down and affect nearly every industry. The cleaning industry is no exception and many are moving toward the use of more eco-friendly products in their business. Use these tips to help your
green cleaning business succeed in the new environmentally friendly world.

1. Let Your Customers Know About It

Consumer demand has completely shifted and many are on the look for environmentally friendly companies specifically. Make mention that you use natural products in your advertising and sales material. Sing it proud and let the world know. This alone will help to increase awareness and sales for your business.

2. Obtain a Local Certification Where Possible

The language is so vague and marketing tricks so plentiful that anyone can claim to be environmentally friendly these days. Terms like ‘Natural’ and ‘Green’ are used to convey a certain image without actually meaning anything. Do some research in your country or area to see what local eco certifications exist. This will give you a sense of credibility and build trust with the customer.

3. Use Natural Products

This step is an absolute requirement if you intend to run a green cleaning business. You must use natural cleaning products wherever possible. Of course this won’t be possible in every single case but should be achievable in nearly all. These are products that are bio degradable or made from plants.

4. Minimize Synthesized Chemicals Where Possible

As cleaners we are fond of getting the job done as quickly as possible. In many cases in the past this would result in using bleach or ammonia. Unfortunately, these are less and less favored in the modern environmental era. Try to minimize your use of any synthetic chemicals in your business.

5. Consider Donations

There are several environmental initiatives or things like tree planting in every local area. If you are a local business consider donating some money to a local cause like this. It will help them, the environment and also give you a little exposure.

Many business principals apply the same no matter how or why you run your business. This is true even in eco-friendly businesses. However, keep the above advice in mind to help in your success. 

Michael Brooke is the founder and director of Carpet Cleaning Sydney, a company that has offered carpet, home and office cleaning services for over 20 years. His experience in the industry is only matched by his enthusiasm for a great quality cleaning.