Here are 7 tips to keep your towels looking, feeling, and smelling their best!
We’ve all been there.  You step out of the shower feeling fresh and clean, wrap your towel around you only to realize that your towel has seen better days.  Maybe it’s worn thin, has lost its absorbency, or maybe it has a less-than-fresh aroma.  Either way, there are some things you can do to prevent this from happening to you. 

Here are 7 tips to keep your towels looking, feeling, and smelling their best!

Caring for your towels:

1. Hang up your towel after each use so that it’s able to breathe and dry properly.  Leaving a towel crumpled in a puddle on the floor will quickly attract mold and mildew.

2. Since towels are used to dry your body when you are fresh from the shower, it isn’t necessary for you to launder them after every single use.  Most experts suggest laundering about every three uses.  

When you do wash:

3. Wash with normal detergent instead of chlorine bleach.  

4. Make sure that your towels are completely dry before you put them away.  Even a trace amount of moisture can bring on that icky sour smell.  

5. Don’t add too much detergent, which can leave a filmy residue.  

6. Use white vinegar as an alternative to commercial fabric softener. Fabric softeners will coat your towels with a thin layer of chemicals and make them less absorbent.  

7. If your towels have developed that less than fresh scent, you can bring them back to life by washing them in hot water with ¼ cup borax and your regular detergent.  Once the load is finished, add one cup white vinegar and do an extra rinse cycle.

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