My CEO “aha” moment: If you think like a cleaning tech, you’ll always be in the way of your own business growth.
As an immigrant and business owner, America changed my life. When I was a kid in Poland, my father was a business owner. It is because of him I learned the business owner’s way of life – being my own boss and working my tail off. That’s how I learned that there is no instant gratification for a business owner. You have to work for your success. Nobody gives you something for nothing. You have to apply yourself to be the best at what you do.

Learn more about Foundations of SuccessI thought the challenges I faced as a business owner in New York stemmed from the fact that I was not born in the United States. In addition, I have a thick accent when I speak English. Sometimes it is difficult to express myself in the same way I would in my own language. But my thinking changed when I enrolled in the Foundations of Success business coaching program by Cleaning Business Builders.

A Clean Start

I had started a new life in New York. Everything was new and different. I loved it instantly – I think I should have been born here. But since my English was poor, the only job I could get was in the cleaning business. That is where my journey started.

The first week on the job I said to myself, “I am going make this into a business.” I started hiring, but it was so difficult to let go. I thought I was the best cleaner on Earth and that nobody else could do as good job as I could. As an employee – a cleaning technician – I could afford to think that way, that no one I could ever hire will do as good a job as I can at any part of my business. But then I also didn’t have time to do all of those necessary parts of my business.

A New Way of Thinking

It took me a few years to realize that I was not going to get far with this approach, and I was making the same mistakes my father did. He was the best at what he did; nobody even came close. However, he never looked for someone who was or could be as good as him. His business was his life. But I want my business to be a part of my life.

I had to change my way of thinking to become a leader and a real CEO of my company.

And I got the coaching support and tools for that from Foundations of Success, especially the week-long Jump Start that is the beginning of this 6-month coaching program.

What I learned was invaluable: how to be the CEO of my company, not an employee of my company.

The process of becoming a CEO is not going to happen overnight. I am prepared for the long haul and with the support of my coach and my accountability partner, the road ahead will be easier as I dedicate myself to my success. 

 Marzena and her husband Michal at the Foundations of Success Jump Start event, Isle of Palms, SC; the beachfront view at The Mansion; Derek Christian provides one-on-one business coaching to Sandy Valdivieso; business coaches Tom Stewart, Liz Trotter, Derek Christian and Joe Walsh

Marzena Ziembicka is CEO and founder of Keep Your Home Clean, a professional residential cleaning service in Manhattan. Marzena is an alumnus of the Foundations of Success program from Cleaning Business Builders.

Learn more about Foundations of Success

Learn more about Foundations of Success