oDesk CEO shares his tips for giving unforgettable feedback that works.

Throughout my career, I’ve heard many managers complain that giving in-depth feedback takes too much time. But, trust me—the feedback you give will be worth it. The single most important thing you can do as a manager is to get the right people on the bus in a good environment. If you’re not providing feedback, you’re not creating that good, productive environment, and you’re potentially letting unseen problems fester. People don’t change if they don’t know something needs to be changed.

In the absence of feedback, team members and organizations aren’t optimized. Transparency and honest feedback, in real time, is the only way to go, and these five tactics will help you give feedback that works.

#1 Recognize how your team members prefer to receive feedback.
#2 Document any coaching sessions in writing.
#3 Set and clarify the context for your feedback.
#4 Create opportunities to identify and fix problems that are systemic.
#5 Find time to provide thorough feedback to make your own job easier.

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