Express your gratitude to workplace cleaners with these materials.

Thank Your Cleaner Day is today, Wednesday, Oct. 19. Sick and injured employees cost businesses billions of dollars a year, and dedicated professional cleaners play a key role in combatting the spread of germs and these illnesses. This is why Kärcher, the Building Services Contractors Association International (BSCAI) and BSCAI members will be celebrating the millions of hardworking professional cleaners who make our workplaces cleaner, safer and more hygienic.

Employees and office managers alike are being encouraged to express their gratitude to their workplace cleaners and share the following materials with #thankyourcleanerday to inspire others to do the same:

·         An infographic about the lurking germs in your office (did you know that there are four times as many bacteria on pens than on toilet seats?)

·         A video reminding us what our desks would look like if they didn’t get cleaned

·         This short glimpse of notable figures like Ashton Kutcher who got their start as professional cleaners

·         A touching portrait of a cleaner who is being celebrated for her hard work