With Sears in bankruptcy bidders have already started to line up for Sears Home Improvement Products business which is considered by many to be one of the most valuable assets left owned by Sears.  The Sears Home Improvement Products business employees over 2,000 professionals and contractors and includes the Sears Maid Service Franchise.    Despite the reputation for being behind the times as a retailer, Sears Home Services has been working hard to stay in front of technology changes including a partnership with Amazon to offer Handyman and Cleaning services nationwide on the Amazon platform.   Service.com has placed a bid of $60 million dollars with the court to acquire the Sears Home Improvement Products division.  The court is accepting other bids until December 11 when the sale would be move forward.  It will be interesting to see what other parties may bid for the business in light of the interest of the large technology companies in the home services industry.

This article was originally published as Service.com Bids for Sears Home Improvement Business by TheStreet

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