High tech toilet seat makes smelly washrooms a thing of the past.

A new US invention aims to put an end to the unpleasant and sometimes socially awkward smells that may be encountered in the washroom.

Fresh Air Plus, created by a Tennessee entrepreneur, uses a sensor and integrated fan technology to discreetly remove unpleasant smells from the inside of the toilet bowl without the odour spreading around the washroom.

Fresh Air Plus inventor Adam Payz said: “The goal of Fresh Air Plus is to remove unpleasant odours while the user is still in the bathroom, both improving the bathroom air during use and easing the user’s embarrassment that can sometimes follow.”

According to the development team, normal bathroom fans take up to 10 minutes to remove odours whereas Fresh Air Plus is said to work much more quickly.

Once a toilet visitor is seated on Fresh Air Plus, the toilet seat activates a sensor that turns on the fan inside the toilet bowl and begins to remove any smells. The seat is said to incorporate a number of high-tech features including an “anti-slam” lip to avoid unnecessarily loud noises.

Designed to fit any standard toilet, Fresh Air Plus will be launched via the crowd-funding Kickstarter site in September 2014.

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