Company uses Facebook to share “featured facts,” tips, videos, photos and more, all addressing summer cleaning and maintenance tasks

West Chicago – Tornado® Industries, a leading manufacturer of professional cleaning equipment, is planning a “Summer Like and Learn” campaign on its Facebook site.

The program will be designed to provide cleaning professionals and facility managers—especially those at schools and universities—with information addressing the special cleaning projects typically performed during the summer months such as:

·        Floor refinishing and scrubbing and other floor care projects

·        Carpet cleaning

·        Graffiti removal

·        Pressure washing, and scores of other special projects.

As part of the Summer Like and Learn campaign, the company’s Facebook site will include “featured facts,” tips, videos, photos, downloadable materials, and other information, all addressing summer cleaning and maintenance tasks.

“We live in an information-driven society, and Facebook and other social media sites allow us to easily communicate specific types of information in a timely manner,” says Doug Berjer, Product Manager for Tornado and CFR. “This information is designed to complement and supplement all the excellent information provided by so many trade publications in the professional building and cleaning industries.”

Facebook is a free, user-friendly website that allows registered users to connect with people and companies around the globe, view and share information, watch videos, and educate themselves.

Users are encouraged to search for “Tornado Industries LLC” on Facebook and become fans of the page by clicking “Like.”

“Fans will also have access to [cleaning-related] messages and links to other sites, organizations, and even government agencies that focus on cleaning-related issues typically addressed during the summer months,” adds Berjer.

According to Berjer, the Summer Like and Learn campaign will begin in the first week of June and end in late August.