A vacuum is a vacuum, right? Wrong.
A vacuum is a vacuum, right? Wrong.

Most people purchase a vacuum with a goal of sucking up dirt, hair, lint, dust and possibly small spiders. Their ultimate interest is in eliminating unwanted grime via the super suction of the vacuum cleaner. What most people don’t realize is vacuum cleaners do indeed suck up dirt, but they also spit a lot of it back out.

So, your hard work of vacuuming might make the floor look cleaner, but now your home’s indoor air quality is suffering from the dust and allergens floating in the air. And those particles will simply land on the coffee table you just dusted, trickle back down to the carpet or be inhaled by your family members.

A better way to ensure a clean – and healthy – home is by using a vacuum cleaner that has been certified by The Carpet and Rug Institute. Under its Seal of Approval program, the institute reviews a vacuum’s soil removal efficiency, how it protects the carpet fibers and how well is contains the dust it collects. “You want all that dirt, dust and pet dander locked tight in the vacuum, not escaping back into the air where it can be inhaled,” according to the institute.

At Castle Keepers, we selected the ProTeam vacuum because it has four levels of filtration and keeps 99.9% of the dirt it collects locked inside the vacuum, rather than spitting it back out in the air.

This means when our cleaning team visits a house, they aren’t bringing in dirt from another customer’s home and it means they are leaving behind a truly clean and healthy home.

Watch this video about the ProTeam vacuum cleaner: