Be sure to put these detrimental leadership behaviors on your DON’T list.

Management expert Jack Welch outlines the five types of boss you don’t want to be for your company – or maybe you do:

  1. The Know-It-All Boss: resting their laurels on past victories, reject others’ ideas for improvement – but they, well, there don’t seem to be any redeeming qualities for this kind of boss
  2. The Remote and Detached Boss: tech-focused, stays in office, misses opportunities to inspire – but they generally are excellent visionaries and strategists
  3. The Jerk Boss: abusive, disrespectful, points fingers (literally), sometimes paranoid – but they generally deliver on the numbers
  4. The Too Nice Boss: no edge, lack ability to make hard decisions, committed to consensus – so they are generally too scared to do much more than maintain a solid CYA campaign
  5. The Everything’s-A-Priority Boss: spreads resources thinly across a variety of enterprises – so they rarely finish or succeed at anything

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