Businesses with 50 or fewer total aggregate employees don’t have to offer health insurance plans, but SHOP tries to make it easier and more affordable for them to do so.
Cleaning Business Today has previously shared several articles about the effects of the Affordable Care Act on the <50 employee small businesses that comprise the bulk of the cleaning industry:  Find out if your business qualifies as a small employer under ACA
ACA uses the total aggregate of your employees to determine your “small business” eligibility

But this new opportunity may make a lot of sense for the larger of these small businesses, creating a benefit where one typically doesn’t exist and potentially saving the business money by being able to pay less than the fines most expect to build into their ongoing budgets. With the current deadline for small businesses to sign up having been pushed to November 2014, cleaning businesses have more time to explore this and other options before locking themselves into a new paradigm.

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