When you wash your car, do you only clean the wheels? Only the front windshield? No, when you clean your car and want it cleaned right you clean everything. The same goes for cleaning houses. This article is going to help you sell roof cleaning alongside your window washing (or any other type of outdoor cleaning) service.

Sometimes customers will want one service, and not realize they might also need another. If you can convince them that cleaning the roof, along with the windows, is a good idea, your income just doubled. Cross selling services isn’t something that is revolutionary, but it is something that will help you make more money. Here are some tips that might help you sell roof cleaning. If you don’t offer roof cleaning, this article might be able to point you in the direction to start doing so.

Why Your Roof May Need To Be Cleaned

Whilst it might simply seem unsightly, the presence of algae or moss growing on your roof can often
be more than simply a visual problem. Algae and moss can both contribute to a shorter lifespan for
your roof. In both instances they can grow into the shingles or tiles on your roof and can even cause
the edges to lift as a result.
According to ARMA (Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association), whilst algae isn’t considered to be
harmful to asphalt shingles, moss is because it can make the shingle edges curl upwards. In turn, this
can increase the risk of them blowing off during windy weather conditions. On the other hand, black
algae growth can negatively impact on the performance of shingles, as it can reduce the reflective
properties of your roof, especially if your roof is cool or reflective.
Additionally, the presence of algae and moss can also attract other insects and animals. In some
cases, birds might even use the moss or algae to help form their nests. This can lead to subsequent
problems as the birds begin to peck at your roof and may even cause holes which can lead to leaks in
the future.

Key Considerations About Roof Cleaning

When it comes to roof cleaning, you should seek out a professional roof cleaning service and avoid
doing it yourself.
“Roof cleaning isn’t as costly as you might think,” explains Ivy Bauman, a health writer at
Australia2Write and Write My X . “Rather than seeing the cost of professional roof cleaning as an
expense, think of it as an investment in the lifespan of your roof. The alternative, if you don’t get
your roof properly cleaned, is having to replace it which is far more expensive.”
As well as having more experience of roof cleaning, a reputable company will also be much better
suited to handling the necessary chemical cleaners needed to successfully clean roofs.
Additionally, by using proper equipment which has been regulated, they are also much less likely to
cause damage to property.
Depending on the products and chemicals used during the roof cleaning process, the runoff has the
potential to cause damage or harm to surrounding plants and vegetation. A professional company
can take appropriate protective measures to help keep the property safe.

Roof Cleaning Methods

There are two main methods used for cleaning roofs. The first method, known as pressurized
washing, involves pressurized water being sprayed directly on to your roof. This method can be
effective at helping to rid your roof of dirt, grime mold and algae. However, it is only really suitable
for roofs made out of concrete or metal. Pressure washing is not advised for asphalt shingles as it
can lead to damage.

The second method, most often used for asphalt shingles, involves chemical cleaning. This is a
gentler approach which involves using chemicals to remove the algae and moss growing on the
roof. In some instances, chlorine bleach is the chemical used.
“Usually, if your roof is being chemically cleaned, the chemicals are applied and then left to work on
the roof surface for about half an hour. The roof cleaners will then use clean water to wash away the
chemicals. In some cases, they might even use a leaf blower if there are any remaining pieces of
moss that need to be removed,” says Kyle Hammer, a lifestyle blogger at Britstudent and
NextCoursework .


Having your roof professionally cleaned is a worthwhile investment. Not only does it make your roof
more aesthetically pleasing but, crucially, it allows for algae and moss spores to be effectively
removed before they can cause damage to your roof. It’s worth contacting a professional roofing
contractor to assess and inspect your roof. Not only can they advise you on whether your roof needs
replacement or simply cleaning, but they can also direct you towards a roofing company that is
reputable and can carry out the work.

Michael Dehoyos works as a professional editor and content marketer at PhD Kingdom and Write My Thesis . He works closely with companies of all sizes to improve their marketing strategy concepts. Michael also regularly writes articles for Dissertation Help , as well as having contributed to numerous other websites and publications. When not working, Michael enjoys spending time doing home
improvements and DIY.

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