Kiavac Series, Part 1: Nine New Steps to Follow

Hamilton, OH – With the first case of Ebola now reported in the United States, Kaivac, developers of the No-Touch® and OmniFlex™ cleaning systems, will begin a series of safety tips designed specifically for those in the professional cleaning industry.


“As in the past with other . . . outbreaks [affecting public health], our industry will likely play a crucial role in conquering this one,” says Matt Morrison, Communications Manager for Kaivac. “But in order to accomplish this, the first step [we must take] is protecting our own health.”


Accordingly, Morrison says cleaning pros should implement the following steps when using and cleaning public restrooms:

  1. Wash your hands in hot, soapy water before using or cleaning the restroom; accept the fact that any surface you have touched before entering the restroom might have been contaminated.
  2. Avoid placing anything on the restroom counter or on the floor; should the counter or floor be contaminated, germs and bacteria potentially could be transferred from the surface to your hands when you pick up the items.
  3. When using a restroom stall, always grab toilet paper before touching the partition door handle…before and after use.
  4. Use a paper towel to turn manual faucets off and on.
  5. Before using a toilet or urinal, flush first; stand a couple of feet away from the fixture when it is being flushed to avoid any “spray” from the fixture.
  6. Use a toilet seat cover, or use toilet paper to create a makeshift toilet seat cover.
  7. If a restroom looks unusually soiled, look for another restroom to use; if cleaning an unusually soiled restroom, accept the fact that every surface may be contaminated, and take added precautions (wear gloves, wear goggles, avoid skin contact with soiled items or surfaces).
  8. In place of traditional cleaning methods, select what ISSA calls “spray-and-vac” cleaning systems to avoid direct contact with surfaces.
  9. Wash hands again after cleaning restrooms, and have paper towels at hand so you do not have to grab them from a dispenser.





Media Contact: Robert Kravitz,, 773-525-3021