eBook partnership developed to instill the idea of creating a safety culture, not just a safety program

PICS Auditing, LLC, the global leader in supply chain risk management solutions, in partnership with EHS Today recently published their latest eBook collaboration, “Workplace Safety Management: How to Become World Class.” Designed to facilitate the importance of safety requirements in the workplace, this eBook partnership was developed to instill the idea of creating a safety culture, not just a safety program.

“Building a world-class safety culture requires alignment on all global fronts,” said Jeff Muto, PICS Vice President of Marketing. “Determining your needs, identifying potential hazards, and providing essential training can create a strong and established contractor and supplier program.”

The publication covers the seven essential steps it takes to create a value-driven safety culture that exists throughout an organization. To learn more about what it takes to go above and beyond basic safety requirements to become a world-class organization, download the free eBook here.

About PICS PICS Auditing, LLC, is the world’s leading provider of supply chain risk management solutions. Hundreds of global organizations depend on PICS to align their supply chains to sustainable business practices, worldwide. Our prequalification and auditing services have become the standard in many industries, including: chemical, construction, energy, food & beverage, oil & gas, mining, manufacturing, pulp & paper, and pharmaceutical. Headquartered in Irvine, California, PICS supports suppliers in 90 countries operating out of 15 offices. Access to thousands of vendors’ prequalification information is housed online at PICSauditing.com.