Like cleaning, computing with both hands saves time!

If you’ve taken Bruce Vance’s IICRC House Cleaning Technician certification class, then you’re well acquainted with the best practice of cleaning with both hands to reduce time and improve efficiency…both of which ultimately help your bottom line.

If you do the same at your keyboard during your desk work, think of how much more time and energy you save there as well! After typing text, the copy, cut, and paste functions are the most commonly used creative and revising actions in most any word processing program.



Copy  Control + C
Cut  Control + X
Paste Control + V


It seems simple and does take some practice, but just as using both hands in cleaning is more efficient and less tiring to your right hand/arm, using both hands in typing and office work achieves the same goal!

By the way, YES, these keystroke options for copy, cut, and paste work the same on a Mac computer as long as you know which key on the Mac is the Control key.