A new line of robotic mops complements the existing robotic sweepers.

The Roomba® home robotic sweeper family has added a new member: the iRobot® Braava jet™ kitchen and bathroom maid. Yep, there’s now a robotic mopper.

While a new robotic sweeper will set you back north of $600, the robotic mopper retails new for around $150.

For cleaning business owners and technicians, this addition has several implications:

  • Evidence that homeowners desire and will pay for “hands off” cleaning
  • Implication that consumers perceive a one-time, technological, automated (yep, you can schedule a start and stop time) as a better value and easier purchase price to pay

The challenge for cleaning businesses is to compete with the balance between ease, cost, and quality that consumers are finding acceptable in robotic cleaning aids.

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