Before Jobber: hours spent on invoicing, payment, and scheduling. After Jobber: managing clients, teams, and schedules is a breeze… and time-saving!

I would recommend Jobber to cleaning companies small or large. Jobber saves us hours of administrative time every day. ~ Lindsay Franklin

Neatfreak is a high-end cleaning company servicing customers all around Calgary, Alberta. Our six cleaning crews consist of 20 employees that serve our client base of nearly 300 customers. Many of our clients have children, work full-time jobs, and want to come home and relax, so it’s important that we do our job right and don’t create any extra work for our customers.

Neatfreak Before Jobber

Hours Spent on Invoicing, Payment, and Scheduling

Before Jobber, payments and job scheduling was a manual process. We also had to schedule our teams and map their routes every morning. There were a lot of manual steps to make sure operations ran smoothly.

Neatfreak After Jobber

Managing Clients, Teams, and Schedules is a Breeze…and Time-Saving!

Jobber is very simple and has saved us a lot of daily administration time. It saves me a good three hours a day. We no longer have to print out schedules in the morning; our crew can check the Jobber app and they are off.

Jobber also keeps track of our incoming and out-going payments. Before we had to flip through a book to see what we did a month ago or three months ago. If we need to find a payment in Jobber, it’s so easy because Jobber tracks our customer history really well.

The Best Part about Jobber

The best thing about Jobber is being able to see everyone’s schedule all at one time.  You don’t have to click another page or have another tab to see what you need. With Jobber everything that you need is just right there in front of you. It also takes care of all our important information like client and invoice information. With Jobber we don’t have to do our invoices manually; it does everything for us.

It was very easy to start using Jobber. The scheduling in Jobber is really simple because all of our clients’ information is in the system. When we schedule something, our workers will know any changes we make because the app updates in real time, so they’ll know exactly what needs to be done. We don’t need to print out a bunch of paper and give it to them.

An Unexpected Money-Saver: Employee Expenses

Before, we required two people to manage our old software and daily process just so we could take care of our admin work. Now with Jobber we only need one person to take care of all the administrative work that we have. We’re now able to save money on staffing expenses, and Jobber allows us to spend more time actually getting work done, more cleaning time and more time to do inventory.

For any cleaning company out there that is looking for a service software, I would definitely recommend Jobber to businesses small or large. It will save you a lot of time.

Lindsay Franklin is the Operations Manager at Neatfreak, a high-end cleaning company in the Calgary, Alberta area.

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