Work smarter, not harder with app-based marketing.

It’s true that we live in a world where you can make anything happen if you work hard enough. But in business there is a catch; hard work doesn’t always equal results. You need to work hard and work smart to maximize your business’s potential, especially when it comes to marketing.

Marketing can be challenging to say the least, but it is essential to be one step ahead of your competitor when reaching out to customers. When business owners approach their customers with “loud” marketing, they may run the other direction, and if business owners ignore marketing all together, they risk becoming irrelevant to current and potential customers. The solution is building relationships by connecting in real time. That means being engaging and responsive, while maintaining a consistent message, before, during and after a customer requests a service.

Creating trusted, long-term relationships can be hard work, but this is where “smart work” comes in. With the right tools, service professionals can run their entire business from their smartphone while leaving little digital breadcrumbs along the way and keeping customers engaged in a non-invasive way. The ability to book appointments, process payments and communicate with customers from one mobile platform enables a business to be efficient, attentive and personable. Nowadays, technology can easily build a wall between businesses and customers, but by implementing the marketing tools within these platforms, service professionals can build stronger client retention rates, quicker response times and a trusted expert image. Business owners can finally focus on their craft and let one simple tool take care of the rest.

Here are a few tips to help market to your clients the smart way:

  1. Utilize branded invoices featuring the service professional’s photo and logo to obtain customer recognition and retention
  2. Offer custom push notifications pre and post job completion resulting in valuable digital breadcrumbs
  3. Create awareness by optimizing a custom-built community marketplace to garner new clients
  4. Leverage connections – meet with a personal marketing success manager to assist with messaging, branding, customer acquisition and loyalty campaigns
  5. Create a direct mail and digital drip system campaign with existing client list and/or a potential geo-targeted list to build and retain customers

Start working smarter and take your company to the next level by making your entire business operations flawless and mobile. You won’t miss that paper and pen, I promise. 

Roland Ligtenberg is the co-founder and Vice President of Business Development & Growth at HouseCall Pro, a mobile app that connects service providers with homeowners in their service markets.