With technology, networking and business education, it’s a week that could truly change how you view your business.
Every day now I am seeing more and more material on social media and in the mail promoting and talking about the upcoming ISSA and BSCAI conventions in Orlando, FL. In case you missed it (which would be hard to do), the dates for the ISSA trade show are November 5-7 and the BSCAI convention dates are the 6th through the 8th. 

This will be convention number 45 for me, and I am as excited to go this year as I have been every other year. What about you? Have you reserved you hotel room and registered for one or both of the events? There is no better time than RIGHT NOW to do that. This one week could truly change how you view your business in a positive way.

Trade Show, Technology and Take-aways
The trade show as always is a top of the tent event with over 700 exhibitors displaying their wares and introducing their latest new “stuff” for you to consider. In this technology age, it is even more exciting than it was in the past to see what is new. This year’s event promises to draw in excess of 16,000 industry professionals from 70+ countries. Nowhere else will you find so much valuable product and management information in one place. 

Roundtables Empower Networking
BSCAI holds special roundtable sessions where different topics are discussed at 20 or so different tables and you get to move from one to the other every 30 or 40 minutes. I hear from my clients and readers that these sessions led by industry leaders have helped them immensely in grasping new ideas and procedures that they can take home and implement NOW. 

20+ Hours of Business Education
In addition, BSCAI has over 20 hours of peer-to-peer sessions on Friday and Saturday, again led by people who know their subjects. It is an event where you will hear from people who are doing what they are talking about, not just talking about what they wish they were doing. 

Let me suggest you go NOW to the BSCAI website or the ISSA website and review the information on this exciting week and then register for this valuable learning experience in Orlando in November. All the hotel and registration details are available on these sites.

I really encourage you to attend all or at least part of festivities. It will be well worth your while. See you there!

Dick Ollek is the owner of Consultants in Cleaning, providing consulting to companies that want to realize profitable sales growth and improve staffing and administrative procedures.