Bad leaders won’t bother with this quiz, but good leaders will because they know it’ll only help them be even better.

Take Katy Imhoff’s 10-question Bad Leader Quiz. Here’s what you’ll be asked to consider about yourself:

  • Are you open to new ideas or are you a total know-it-all?
  • Are you prone to rationalizing unethical behavior – yours or an employees?
  • Is your company vision clear and focused or clouded and fickle?
  • Do you focus on building your team or building yourself?
  • Are you a clear communicator or often misunderstood?
  • Are you invested in your team?
  • Are you quick to blame others or are you completely accountable?
  • Are you a courageous lion or a cowardly lion?
  • Do you inspire loyalty from both your team AND your customers?
  • Can you adapt your leadership skills?

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