When it comes down to making sure your company is showing up on Google searches, there’s no reason to skimp on your website. This is especially so for keywords and optimizing your webpages. Today, you can’t just have good keywords. You have to answer your customers’ questions. 

The way Google now rates websites, your normal keywords are no longer enough. The way Google decides that your website is good or bad, is heavily influenced by how your customers act on your website. 

When a customer lands on your page, they’re tracked by Google. Depending on their actions, Google can tell if your page is useful, efficient, and user friendly. They do this by analysing a few particular habits of customers. 

These habitual actions are summarized by the word “intent”. If your website satisfies this intent, it scores better. If the customer stays on the page, fills out a form, or clicks on the contact button, Google knows you met the customer’s intent and your page is worth noting. This eventually allows you to rank higher.

But how do you get your customers to efficiently use your website? Obviously, one of the first things you should do is make sure it’s easy to navigate. Having a labyrinth of a website is only going to hurt you. 

Second, and probably just as important, if not more so, is answering your customers questions. This doesn’t require psychic abilities that allow you to read people’s minds. Many times customers have similar questions. Your job as the business owner is figuring out what common questions are being asked, and answering them in a clear, concise way. 

If a user goes to your page after searching a question related to your business, finds an answer, then logs off, Google sees that they found what they are looking for. Then to Google,  you are a reputable source for questions like those asked by that user. When people ask that question in the future, Google will place you higher since you are proven to provide expertise on the subject. 

There are a few ways you can gain access to these common questions. The simplest way would be to pay for a service that allows you to see what kind of questions are being asked. For instance, Surefire local is a service that does this and offers many tips that will help your business grow. 

There are many ways to optimize your webpages, but every bit helps. If you can improve your keywords into key-questions, it won’t magically boost you, but it will certainly help. 


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