The ISSA show is coming starting November 18th in Las Vegas.  We have covered all of the great education at the ISSA show in previous articles but another reason to go to the show is the huge trade show floor with hundreds of vendors providing nearly everything you can imagine for your cleaning company.   In this article we are highlighting just a few of the vendors with some interesting news and new ideas they will be showing this year but it is literally just 1% of the suppliers at the show and is just a glimpse.   If you are not already registered, you still can by clicking on this link.  We will also be live streaming from the show next week so watch our Facebook page.

Bona – Booth 1155

Bona has two big innovations at the ISSA show this year, both of which are expanding their products into different kinds of flooring.  First at the show they are going to be introducing a new line of cleaners and tools for all kinds of floors.   They could not share any details as they announcement is at the show but they are expanding their expertise in floor care into new surfaces.  Be sure to stop in and see what they are offering.

Bona will also be demoing their new Bona Commercial System Resilient Floor Renovation Solution which includes a six step process to transform and extend the life of old, worn resilient floors, at a fraction of the cost of putting in new floors with a much longer lasting surface than traditional options.   There is a combination of base colors and color chips which can be combined to completely change the look for your resilient flooring.   In our phone interview it took me a really ling time to understand what this system does because it is so different from how I normally think about floor care but this  video shows how this system can completely transform a floor and a room.  This is not only a cost effective solution but it is a positive change for the environment as well reducing waste in the landfills and stopping the endless cycle of stripping, buffing, and waxing of floors.

ProTeam / Emerson – Booth 2577

ProTeam is long a favorite for residential home cleaners and they also have some new items to show. The ProVac FS6, 6 quart Backpack Vacuum with Commercial Power Nozzle tool kit has been a favorite of residential cleaning companies since it was introduced. This vacuum is designed specifically to meet the demands of the residential cleaning industry with a commercial power nozzle to clean under and around furniture and to leave the carpet lines the residential consumers expect. To make their other backpack vacuums more useful for home cleaners ProTeam has introduced the ProTeam Residential Service Kit which combines 5 tools to meet the various challenges of the residential cleaner into one kit allowing most ProTeam backpacks to meet the needs of residential cleaners.

This year at the show they are going to be announcing more cordless innovation. Looking for a lightweight upright vacuum? Come see ProTeam’s most recent solution for those companies that have not been able to make the switch to backpack vacuums. The FreeFlex Hybrid upright vacuum has the added flexibility of being used with or without a power cord. One vacuum that can transition between corded and battery power providing the flexibility of both in a single piece of equipment. These vacuums are well worth a look for any residential cleaner.

The Gift of Clean – Booth #3500B in the Residential Pavillon

So what makes the Gift of Clean universal gift card so unique? Most importantly, it is available at retail outlets like Big Box, Home Improvement, and grocery stores. These retail outlets are where 75% of Americans buy their gift cards. In addition, the recipient of the gift card gets to choose the cleaning company.   Already have your own gift card, that’s fine and you can continue to use it in addition to the Gift of Clean card.   If you do not already have a gift card program, The Gift of Clean is a great way to get started. Especially during ISSA Show week.   As a “Show Special” we will be releasing a special promo code for you, which means No Sign Up Fee and No Activation Fee to become part of the Gift of Clean network.

If giving a substantial “first cleaning discount” is part of your marketing strategy, the Gift of Clean card can lower your new customer acquisition costs.  Being part of the national Gift of Clean network lets potential new customers easily find your company and learn more about you.

Stop by Booth 3500B in the Residential Pavilion and get all of the details and sign up on the spot. In the meantime, visit their website and learn more about the program and view our online “Cleaning Company Finder”.

Direct Mop Sales – Booth #1904

Direct Mop Sales pretty says what they do in the name.  They sell a wide variety of mops, squeegees, and floor care tools as well as quality micro fiber products direct to cleaning companies.   There booth will have samples of nearly every product they offer.   The quality of the microfiber available varies widely.  Direct Mop Sales can show you the difference between various grades of microfiber and why it often makes sense to buy from an expert supplier that does nothing else.   In addition to their wide variety of products this year they have introduced aluminum extension handles which can be used with a variety of traditional, microfiber, and dry mop heads using a single extendable pole.  This pole will simplify the tools you have to carry in stock and the adjustable length makes sure they work for employees of all different heights.

Earth Friendly Products – Booth #409

Earth Friendly Products is the maker of ECOS™, environmentally friendly cleaners that are safer for people, pets and the planet. Family owned and operated since 1967 and a woman-owned business.  Earth Friendly Products is the only company to have achieved the “trifecta” of corporate sustainability: carbon neutrality, water neutrality, and Zero Waste Platinum certification. Their products are free of formaldehyde and dyes, pH balanced, readily biodegradable, easily recycled and never tested on animals. They have over 100 EPA Safer Choice Certified Products.     In addition on 2019 they were awarded the EPA’s 2019 Safer Choice Partner of the Year.   This year in their booth they will be doing a demonstration of their graffiti and gum remover.   This demo will let cleaning companies see that even the toughest to clean surfaces can be cleaned with safe sustainable plant based products.  Also at the show this year they will be introducing plant based disinfectant with a first of its kind citrus base and scent.   This product could be a powerful addition to any cleaning company but their emphasis on sustainability and safety make these products a great choice for those that clean places where people live.