As the CoronaVirus stays looming everywhere we go,  and no viable vaccine confirmed, lifestyles are forced into changing for better or for worse. This is no different for the ISSA. The ISSA has announced that they will be having a virtual experience rather than the annual trade show as to not risk the health of convention goers. 

But what does this mean for those who were looking forward to the convention? Well, have no fear. Even though the virtual experience is not exactly the same as a physical experience, there will be a lot to gain from joining in on the virtual version of the convention. 

For instance, there will be:

  •  Online exhibits showing industry-leading companies and their new products and innovations that you can use for your own business
  • A virtual product showcase that will allow you to keep up with the growing industry and its technology.  
  • A strong conference program that will allow the facilitation of the brightest and most forward thinking minds in the industry to share their experience and knowledge.
  • Virtual networking opportunities that will allow you to connect with colleagues across the country through live-chats and webinars. 

If you register online you can receive some great value for free! If you only wish to experience the Expo, you can do so for no charge at all! Choosing this method, you’ll gain access to the show floor and the show floor education! Essentially, with the free expo access, you get everything that would normally be on the show floor. 

But what if you want to get the most out of your ISSA Virtual Experience? Well, there is a plan for you. 

If you decide on the ISSA All Access Pass, you’ll be able to participate in everything that the virtual experience has to offer. 

This includes:

  • Show floor Access
  • Show Floor Education
  • Networking events
  • 100+ Education Sessions 
  • Lunch & Learn
  • Welcome Reception
  • Attendee Orientation
  • Evening Roundtables 
  • Spotlight Speaker
  • On-Demand Educational Content- Available through March 31st, 2021

The official pass information from the ISSA website.


If you’re a member with the ISSA, or even if you’re a guest looking to get the All Access Pass, it’s highly recommended that you buy your pass before September 30th to save a bundle with the Early Bird special. If you’re a member, you can cut the price down from  $199 to $99! Non-members can also save by cutting it from $249 to $149! 

If you’re a small business, or just starting out, attending the ISSA Virtual Experience would be a very important step in making your business a success. Through networking and learning from the industry best, you can take your business to the next level. Even the most experienced and successful businesses can get a headstart in the coming years by learning from competitors and seeing the newest in cleaning technology. 

When you register, you’ll have to register under a certain registration. These different types of registration vary depending on the type of work your business does. The different types and their description is  listed below.

Associate Manufacturers

Firms whose principal purpose is the manufacturing of a raw material or chemical that are sold to manufacturers of finished products.

Associate Services

Firms that offer services to any class of members, as well as buying and/or selling groups or associations.

Building Service Contractors

End-user firms whose primary business is to provide cleaning or facility services in commercial buildings and institutions.


Firms whose principal purpose is the sale of cleaning and maintenance products from several manufacturer brands to commercial, industrial, or institutional end-users.


Companies and their employees that are actively exhibiting at ISSA Show North America.

In-House Service Providers

End-user firms that have their own in-house cleaning and maintenance staff managed by a facility manager. This class also includes facility or maintenance managers and department heads responsible for hiring outsourced cleaning and maintenance services.

Lifetime Members

Only applies to select members of ISSA.


Firms whose primary business is the manufacturing of private label import of products for sale to the distributor and end-user members.


Employees that work in the news media including online, print, radio, or television.

Residential Cleaners

End-users that serve the consumer market by facilitating cleaning, janitorial and other services of homes or residential facilities.


Firms whose principal purpose is the sale of cleaning and maintenance products from several manufacturer brands to distributor members.

Make sure you make it to the ISSA Virtual Experience by registering now! You can do so on their website Here.


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