ISSA is currently consulting with its legal team to resolve this dispute.

Northbrook, IL, USA―November 7, 2017ISSA, the worldwide cleaning industry association, unambiguously rejects RAI Amsterdam (RAI)’s claim that the long-standing alliance between ISSA and its “INTERCLEAN” trade show partner, RAI, is terminated.

On Friday, November 3, 2017, RAI submitted a letter to ISSA indicating its desire to terminate the agreement between ISSA and RAI and immediately began contacting ISSA members, exhibitors, council members, and other organizations announcing the termination. Subsequently, a series of communications went out that also demanded that ISSA members work directly with RAI to book their trade show booths for the Amsterdam ISSA/INTERCLEAN show.

ISSA unequivocally denies that the alliance is terminated.

“This behavior is unacceptable,” says ISSA Executive Director John Barrett. “I want to stress to our
valued members, peers, and stakeholders that these allegations regarding ISSA’s partnership and global family of ISSA/INTERCLEAN exhibitions are not only unprofessional, but absolutely untrue. We do not in any way support RAI’s unilateral departure from its obligations or its decision to communicate directly to members of the association with misinformation.”

Further, Barrett states, that as a member-based organization, ISSA is committed to ensuring that its actions are transparent, professional, and in the best interest of its members. 
Specifically, Barrett says:

ISSA has made no secret of our global strategy, which is in line with our mission to bring together the industry to promote cleaning as a necessary investment in better health, a better environment, and a better bottom line. There is no chain of events that would suggest otherwise. In the current business climate—where ISSA members and industry companies are addressing their own challenges and opportunities daily—RAI’s actions are selfish and an unnecessary distraction.

Given the progress we are making together in gaining respect for the global cleaning industry, and new projects that we have been co-operatively developing, RAI’s sudden departure from this strategy is inexplicable.

“We understand that the professional cleaning industry needs and deserves an association invested in our members’ goals 365 days a year, not through any one event, any one partnership, or any one project. ISSA is a global association with numerous successful alliances already helping the association as it supports members with local, national, and regional benefits and events in Europe, North America, Asia, the Middle East, Oceania, and Latin America. Our global vision is becoming a reality, and the collective industry voice is growing stronger.

ISSA is currently consulting with its legal team to resolve this dispute.

“Out of respect for our two organizations, our members, and the global cleaning industry, I hope discussions regarding the ISSA/INTERCLEAN partnership remain business-like and will not be carried out in the public domain,” says Barrett.  “Yet rest assured that
we will make every effort to communicate any new developments to our members and stakeholders as they unfold.”

In the meantime, says Barrett, for ISSA, it is business as usual as the association continues to help its members change the way the world views cleaning.

“I know many of our exhibitors that have booked booths for the Amsterdam event or were planning to have questions,” says Barrett. “We respectfully ask that they hit the pause button until we can get the details worked out. I promise we will do everything in our power to ensure a positive experience going forward. I know for them, they bought into the show under the brand name ISSA/INTERCLEAN
®, not INTERLCEAN. That’s a big difference.”


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