Sometimes it’s hard to think past health insurance when someone asks about “benefits,” but here’s some fun out-of-the-box benefits you might consider.

With many cleaning businesses too small to get a decent group rate on health insurance plans, it can be difficult to think of benefits to offer current and incoming employees that hold a similar appeal.

Ilya Pozin has collected 22 of the most outrageous perks, often offered at companies where the perks come with high performance expectations:

  1. giant cargo-net hammock where you can go to finally get some work done
  2. in-office massage
  3. neverending stockpile of free coffee
  4. playground
  5. pets roaming freely in the office
  6. office fridge with your favorite snacks
  7. weekly catered breakfast
  8. weekly catered lunch
  9. oh, and dinner too
  10. excessive amounts of free stuff
  11. open workspaces
  12. health club in the building
  13. life coach or mentor
  14. cool, innovative workspaces
  15. in-office rock wall
  16. barber shop
  17. nap room
  18. unlimited free drinks for Friday afternoons and after-hour events
  19. special screenings of blockbuster movies
  20. free laundry service
  21. office DJ booth
  22. ergonomic office furniture

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