Review training and committment to procedure are two essential elements for keeping your technicians and your clients healthy during flu season.

With late 2013 and early 2014 seeing the worst flu outbreak in over a decade, many cleaning business owners are struggling with absent technicians and management staff as well as cancellations from sick clients. During such a time, minimizing cross contamination is essential. Luckily, according to ISSA Executive Director Dianna Steinbach, there are two key things you can do this week to begin reducing the chance of illness wreaking havoc on your business:



Review proper techniques

: using proper cleaners and sanitizers, observing dwell time, removing soil and residues with clothes



Systematically clean and sanitize common areas

: remember high touch zones like door handles, light switches, computer keys, phones, and in public areas elevator buttons, railings, check-in desks; increase the frequency of cleaning and sanitizing these and other areas



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