Replace several tools and enable your cleaners to create the best possible clean.
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Homes have traditionally been cleaned with brooms and upright vacuums. As new technology out-cleans the old residential standbys, cleaners must learn to shift their thinking to apply those tools to their best benefit. The ProTeam® ProVac® FS 6 backpack vacuum cleans floors two to three times faster than an upright vacuum and 52 percent faster than a dust mop, but it is capable of so much more. Follow the below tips to implement backpack vacuums at your residential cleaning service with the best results.

Vacuum Carpet and Hard Floors

The best part about the ProVac FS 6 is that it cleans both carpet and hard floors quickly and effectively. Its Four Level® Filtration system captures both visible soil and many invisible allergens and asthma triggers, leaving behind clean floors and healthier air. You can customize your vacuum by choosing the right floor tools for your needs.

The Residential Cleaning Service Kit includes a hard floor tool with a scalloped felt brush (that cleans hardwood, linoleum, tile, etc.) and a Turbo Brush with an air-powered brush roll for low- to mid-pile carpeting. If your customers prefer to see prominent striping on carpet, choose the ProVac FS 6 with Commercial Power Nozzle Tool Kit. The powered brush roll tackles mid- to high-pile carpeting while leaving behind that telltale pattern for your customers.

Dump Your Duster

Take the benefits of backpack vacuums beyond the floor by applying the ProVac to dusting and detailing all horizontal surfaces. Traditional dusting methods kick dust into the air to linger for a few hours before settling after the cleaners are gone. The ProVac captures fine dust with accessories for detailing hard surfaces, upholstery, and reaching into crevices.

Extend Your Reach

ProVAc FS6 backpack vacuumPlant shelves, air returns, and architectural details can all become havens for dust and allergens to accumulate. Leave no surface un-cleaned with an Aluminum Extension Wand. It weighs just one and a half pounds and provides an extra 60 inches of reach to go above-and-beyond for your customers.

Maintain Your Vacuum

The ProVac FS 6 comes with a three-year warranty on motor, labor and parts and a limited lifetime warranty on molded body parts to protect your investment. In addition to that, a little bit of planning can go a long way in extending the life of your backpack vacuum. Store your vacuum with a filter maintenance log and have cleaners check filters and initial the log every time they use the vacuum. Well-maintained filters allow your vacuum’s motor to create optimal suction, ensuring you are getting the best level of clean.

A ProVac FS 6 backpack vacuum will replace several tools in your arsenal and enable your cleaners to create the best possible clean for your customers. Follow the above tips and enjoy the benefits of switching to a ProTeam backpack vacuum.

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