The CBT Green Cleaning survey results are in. Some generally accepted principles are validated, but the sample size is too small for a reliable statistical basis. Thank you to all those who responded on this survey, conducted in observation of Earth Day 2019.

We believe the participants self-selected; the tendency to respond being stronger for those cleaning businesses cleaning green than not. 60% of participants regularly clean green, as opposed to 27% who clean green by request and 13% that do not offer green cleaning. Accepting the caveats of the small sample size and the high percentage of green cleaning businesses responding, the following results were collected. Most support previous survey results.

Green cleaning has a neutral to positive effect on satisfaction.

Microfiber is a major component of a green cleaning system, both mops and cleaning cloths.

Most companies use HEPA-equipped vacuums to maximize indoor air quality.

Two thirds of respondents purchase from distributors yet essential oils, hydrogen peroxide and baking soda dominate the ingredient lists of green cleaning businesses responding.

Few companies reported using water-only systems.

Customers seem focused on the safety of their families while employees seemed focused on the safety of all people before the environment. It’s important to note this is as reported by the cleaning business owner rather than the parties in question.

The survey is still open, you may click here to take the survey.

And, follow this link to view the results in real-time.