Every business owner leaves the helm, passes the baton, or just plain retires. So how do you plan for that event?

At least once a month on one of the major cleaning industry discussion groups, there’s a post about how to sell your cleaning business. Selling your business is usually a simple, cut-ties way of transferring the leadership hat to someone else. But what do you do when you intend to make a more complex, more subtle transition, even groom someone internal into becoming the new leader?

Leadership consultant Dan McCarthy offers these Dos and Don’ts:

  1. Do have at least one internal successor prepared to take over.
  2. Do notify your own manager(s) and partner(s) before beginning the process.
  3. Don’t send out mass, impersonal notifications.
  4. Don’t badmouth your company, the industry, colleagues, or employees.
  5. Do prepare a comprehensive transition list for your replacement.
  6. Don’t leave a pile of problems you’ve swept under the rug because you didn’t want to deal with them.
  7. Don’t finally get involved in every problem or project.
  8. Do give sufficient notice; the higher up you are on the ladder, the longer the notice and transition period.
  9. Do anticipate and respond to people’s individual concerns.
  10. Do take time to be “in the moment.”
  11. Do offer to maintain mentoring relationships.
  12. Don’t use this opportunity as “truth serum.”
  13. Don’t work on your new job on the current company’s dime.
  14. Do everything you can to set your team up for success.
  15. Don’t give too much advice to your successor.

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