Fort Worth, TX – Hardwood floors can be surprisingly durable and because they lend themselves to so many different types of decors, many commercial facilities are now installing them.  This is especially true in retail locations as well as open plan offices, which are becoming increasingly popular.1

However, for many cleaning professionals, how to clean and maintain hardwood floors may be something new.  Because of this, this month’s Floorcare Troubleshooter from Powr-Flite, a leading manufacturer of professional cleaning equipment, provides the following four tips on caring for hardwood floors:

Use a backpack vacuum:  Dust mopping tends to push dust and grit from one location to another or into the air, which can negatively impact the environment and danger the health of the cleaning worker. A backpack pulls dust, grit, and soils from the hardwood floor, removing them from the floor with no impact on the environment.

Avoid wet or oiled dust mops:  Wet mops should be avoided when maintaining a hardwood floor; also oiled dust mops help keep dust from becoming airborne but the oil can stain the floor or leave streaks or “trails” on the floor.

Remove spills: Spills can damage hardwood floors even if a finish or protectant has been applied to the floor.  Always remove spills as quickly as possible.

Finish knowledge: There are essentially three types of finishes used on hardwood floors and because each will have its own specific cleaning needs, it is important to know which type of finish is on the floor.  The three types are: surface finishes such as urethanes or polyurethanes; wax finishes: acrylic impregnated finishes. 

“Hardwood floors can usually be buffed using a low-speed floor machine,” says Debby Davis, a floorcare expert with Powr-Flite. “Use a buffing pad and by selecting a heavier floor machine with more contact pressure, cleaning results are improved.”


1 Open plan offices are office where individual offices have been reduced or eliminated


The Troubleshooter addresses some of the most common floor care problems cleaning professionals encounter … and, most importantly, how to tackle them.


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