Don’t let new technologies in the cleaning industry divert you from your business fundamentals.

The cleaning industry is at a very interesting point in its lifecycle. We’re finding out more and more that the old ways of selling our services aren’t as effective as they once were. The same holds true for selling franchise units.

The digital age is here, and it is important to understand how this is impacting the industry. However, don’t let technology scare you. The rise of technology has not changed the importance of business fundamentals.

The cleaning industry is extremely recession-resistant. No matter how tough the economic climate in this country gets, there is always a need for homes, offices and other facilities like hospitals and schools to be cleaned. Commercial and residential cleaning are each multi-billion dollar industries with plenty of growth potential.

Keys to Growth

That being said, there are a few key factors to keep in mind when trying to grow your business.

First, finding new clients is integral to growth. Even if you have solid relationships with your current clients, they will only require your services so often. Therefore, continuing to gain new clients is crucial.

Next, it’s vital to show the client how valuable your services are. In short, if you talk the talk, you better be prepared to walk the walk. At Jan-Pro, we have a variety of materials that illustrate the services we offer, as well as our unique processes, including the use of color-coded microfiber cloths and mops.

At the same time, it’s important to embrace new tools. Technology has played an important role in the way we find our clients. Use the internet and other tools like GoToMeeting or even Facebook to help guide people to their end decision to work with you.

Another good way to ensure growth is by focusing on familiarity. Our Regional Master Franchisees do the selling to clients, and our Unit Franchisees take care of the cleaning. We allow the client to build a relationship with us on multiple levels. This two-tiered owner-operator franchise system has resulted in a less than 1% monthly attrition rate with our customers.

The people who represent your business are also essential. When looking for new franchisees, cleaners or office staff, you always want to make sure you have an idea of what type of skills are necessary for the position. This will ensure that you are creating a strong system that is sustainable and fosters growth.

For example, with our Regional Master Franchisees, we are looking for senior level executives who are looking to apply their successful leadership, sales, marketing and operational skills within their own franchise organization to help build a large long-term recurring revenue annuity while helping others succeed in small business.

Our unit franchisees, who typically do the actual cleaning, are much different. These are people who are passionate about business ownership and are driven to make a better life for their families. Showing these two aspects in your messaging and daily business will continue to help develop your brand.

Perhaps the most important thing to remember is to be proactive with your marketing and sales efforts. If you wait for potential clients and franchisees to come to you, it’s already too late.

Scott Thompson is the VP of Franchise Development for Jan-Pro Cleaning Systems and Maid Right. With over 13 years of experience in franchise development and executive management, Scott is responsible for all domestic and international franchise development for Jan-Pro International and Maid Right Franchising LLC. He is an IFA Certified Franchise Executive.