The United States Chamber of Commerce just announced its finalists for their Dream Big Award, and there are two finalists that you might recognize. 

The Dream Big Award is given to 8 small businesses in varied categories who exemplify what it means to be a small business. For the Chamber of Commerce, that means any company with less than 250 employees, or that makes less than 20 million dollars in gross revenue and actively takes care of their community. 

The chamber of commerce wants to promote the idea of small businesses that contribute to the economy as well as society as a whole. With over 700 applicants, the competition was stiff this year. 

As for two particular businesses, Green Clean Maine from Portland, Maine and Superb Maids out of Las Vegas, Nevada – they have a special place in our hearts. You might even recognize these two businesses. 

Green Clean Maine is owned and operated by Joe Walsh who is up for the Dream Big Award’s subcategory of Green/Sustainable Business Achievement Award. You might know Joe Walsh as a Cleaning Business Today contributor who has done several articles for us. Perhaps you have also seen him on our Facebook live segment Smart Business Moves giving great advice on running a small business. 

Green Clean Maine is receiving this award because they do exactly what is says in their name. They provide good, green cleaning services that do the job well, and protect the environment. What stands out for Green Clean Maine, at least to me, is that Joe Walsh actually developed his own formulas. “I couldn’t find green products that performed the way I needed them to, so I made my own, and customers loved it,” Walsh says.

Founder of Green Clean Maine, Joe Walsh

Green Clean Maine has dedicated themselves to the task of preserving the environment. They have become the first carbon-neutral cleaning service in New England and even power their headquarters with a rooftop solar array. 

Walsh became a very vocal proponent of the Paycheck Protection Program at the start of the Corona Virus lockdown and pushed for it to be applied to more businesses. His work gained national media attention as we worked with Maine’s congressional delegation to lend input on proposed changes. He’s also joined hands with other small businesses across the country, making the final push that would allow businesses who needed it most, to be helped. 

The second award finalist is Superb Maids, which is run by Elena Ledoux. You might have also seen Elena on a few different episodes of Smart Business Moves sharing her wisdom as well. 

I got  a chance to talk with Elena a bit about becoming a finalist and she said she was very surprised with the outcome. She did not expect to get nominated as a finalist but is very excited that she has been given this opportunity. When I asked her why she thinks she got nominated she said, “I feel like people want to cheer for the little guys who are surviving this epic thunderstorm.”

Superb Maids was nominated for its outstanding contribution toward the community in regards to COVID-19 and is the finalist for the Minority Owned division of the Dream Big Award. 

Founder & CEO of Suberb Maids, Elena Ledoux

What were they doing that was so special? Well, Superb Maids were advocates for their industry helping make the argument that maid services were essential. They also offered sanitized grocery and essentials delivery, free cleanings for self isolating nurses, and they collaborated with local nonprofits to provide essential supplies for children pending foster care.

Elena believes helping the community in any capacity is a morale boost for the company and allows her to connect with the best employees, peers, and customers. This award seems like just icing on the cake for Superb Maids. 

The fact that out of 24 finalists across all categories of small business, and 2 of them are cleaning businesses, shows how above and beyond this industry goes to help those around them.

Being finalists, this makes them among the top 3% of small businesses. Truly, Green Clean and Superb Maids are two businesses you should be looking up to. 

The Dream Big Award winners will be announced Thursday, October 15th at 2pm EST. 


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