CPSC forces recall of nearly 150,000 Dirt Devil Total Pet Cyclonic Upright units.
The Consumer Products Safety Commission has required Dirt Devil, owned by Royal Applicance Manufacturing Company, to recall nearly 150,000 units of its Dirt Devil Total Pet Cyclonic Upright due to electrical hazard. The recall applies to three models: UD70210, UD70210CA, and UD70210RM. The manufacture date code prefixes included are B14 and I15 The model number and manufacture date code can be found on a silver label on the back side of the unit. 

What happens is that one of the prongs in the plug detaches and remains lodged in the electrical outlet. Cleaning business owners are advised to check their own units and adhere to the recall to prevent damaging consumers’ electrical outlets. Cleaning Business Today also encourages CBOs to share this recall news on your local blogs, through your social media, and in your print or electronic (email) newsletters with your customers and prospects as an important news item.