United States Patent Issued for Revolutionary AlphaNumeric Slot Game, Allows Players to Personalize Own Word-Based Game

Craig and wife Pam Sedoris are the owners of More Time for You, a residential cleaning company based in Powell, OH. In addition to operating the cleaning business, Craig is a “serial entrepreneur,” and CBT is please to share the following press release on his latest venture:

POWELL, Ohio — In a major step forward, Inventors Craig Sedoris and Gary Kadlec have received Notice of Allowance on their Patent Application for a novel AlphaNumeric (Slot) game system.  This game enables players to enter Letters, Numbers and Symbols in virtually any combination, creating a personalized Word-Based Slot Game they then spin, trying to match some or all of those characters to win.  They call it True Player Choice.


All Slot players are hoping to have “Lady Luck” on their side.  They can actually play word or phrase combinations like “LUCKY1”, “#HAPPY” “123ABC”, “I♥CATS”, “#OPRAH” and “@LUNCH”.  Kids’ or spouses’ names, a favorite pet, recording artist, movie star or sports team are just a few examples of the virtually unlimited possibilities players create themselves – about 2.7 billion combinations with a 6-character game.  “No other Slot Game has given players the ability to customize a game to their personal interests,” Kadlec said.


Also developed and moving well through the Patent process is an Instant Win Scratch-Off Lottery version utilizing the same AlphaNumeric system.  Both of the very flexible game concepts have applications in the Regulated Online Gaming markets in addition to casinos and lotteries in the US and international gaming markets.  Sedoris and Kadlec see PHRAZZES as revolutionary, being something really new, not just different.  Dozens of played examples are on Instagram at #phrazzes_lottery.  They have initiated the process to protect the concept Internationally.


The results of their Google surveys of over 5,000 respondents show very significant interest in a word or phrase-based slot game. Of particular note is that 15.2% of people who do not gamble said, “I don’t gamble, but I would or might play this.”  There are 155,000,000 non-gambling adults just in the U.S.


Play a prototype 6-Character Slot game at http://mastersoftwaretechnologies.com/slot-game/.  The inventors first introduced the concept at G2E last year and with the Patent now being Issued are looking to sign licensing agreements for both domestic and international markets with major slot manufacturers.


For fun play a 6 Character Instant Win game at http://mastersoftwaretechnologies.com/pharazze-scratchee/#.   This game includes another very novel feature with the REVEAL ALL Button.  After the player has clicked to “scratched off” a spot in each column and that specific game is complete. The player can click REVEAL ALL and see exactly where the winning characters in their personal phrase were for that game.  Illustrating they actually have the chance to win whenever they play the game.  The winner is not predetermined.


Operators looking to engage players and attract new ones will like the game. The inventors have trademarked as PHRAZZES.  It promises something truly revolutionary!  Not just evolutionary, they say.


LC Gaming, LLC  
185 South Liberty Street, Powell, OH 43065 
www.phrazzes.com, www.phrazzeslottery.com


For information please contact Gary Kadlec at Email.