Sometimes customers just need a reason to spend their hard-earned cash.  But who said the reason always had to be a good one? Here are a few ideas for emails you can send out each month. *These ideas tend to focus on American holidays, so use this as an inspiration and use holidays and festivals that best fit your customer base!*


  • New Years party clean-up

New Year’s Eve is always one of the biggest parties of the year. As is the American tradition, people tend to drink on New Year’s Eve. Along with drunk folk, a mess is sure to follow.  By sending out an email, you can put your customer’s mind to ease knowing they can give you a call to clean up any mess left by a rowdy crowd.

  •  New Years Resolution solution

Don’t let your customer’s New Year’s resolution go to waste! Some people are sick of living in a filthy house. Maybe they simply cannot get around to deep cleaning their entire home. Dogs, family, and life can make that job seem almost insurmountable. If you give them the option to get ahead of the curve with a house cleaning I’m sure your customer will jump at the opportunity.


  • Valentine’s Day

Some people’s love language is a clean house. Nothing let the love flow like the ease of mind, and some people would surely love a house cleaning for their valentine’s gift. At the very least, you could have a valentine themed email template for this month to help you add some color and help you make a lasting impact.

  • Groundhog’s Day

A funny, Bill Murray themed email could be enough to get a laugh out of your customers. Sometimes a laugh is all you need to be remembered and for your customers to decide they’d like to support your business.


  • Saint Patrick’s Day

This is a fan favorite for a lot of communities with heavy Irish roots. Regardless, it’s a fun holiday that gives people a chance to drink beer and have fun with friends and family. A fun shamrock themed email would certainly be fun to look at!

  • Passover

If your customer base has a strong Jewish presence, then making a Passover inspired email might be perfect! Passover isn’t a holiday everyone celebrates, but if you did, you might appreciate an email that recognizes and respects your culture. Respect goes a long way and could help you seal some deals.


  • Spring Cleaning Special

A lot of people use springtime as an excuse to deep clean their house. Having a spring cleaning themed email could help remind folks that they were meaning to re-organize their house!

  • Easter

Easter is another religious holiday that some people might appreciate seeing. Along with respecting people’s traditions, you could emphasize the need to clean your home before family and friends fill your house for the holidays.


  • Mother’s Day Special/Giftcard

A happy wife means a happy life! Getting your mom, or the mother of your children, a deep house cleaning could be exactly what they need! Offering a gift card or a mother’s day deal could be a good incentive for husbands and children alike!

There are a few other holidays in May that you might want to use as well. These include:

  • Orthodox Easter
  • Cinco De Mayo
  • Memorial Day


  • Juneteenth

Freedom Day or Emancipation day is a very important holiday in America that celebrates the freedom of those who were forced into slavery in America. This email might be good to show your company’s solidarity with the black community especially during times like these. This would be another idea that lets you show that you respect your customers and their culture.

  • Father’s Day

A Father’s Day email could also be good for the very same reason as Mother’s Day. Maybe Dad has a cluttered garage or workspace and has been meaning to make a dent. He might appreciate a little help with this mess.


  • July 4th

Celebrate the birth of our nation with a fun America themed email!


  • Back To School specials

This one applies to the end of July as well, but when school starts, the kids are out of the house making it easier to clean. Having a clean house with no kids around in it is sure to entice parents.


  • National Working Parents Day

September 16th is National Working Parents Day. Having a special focusing on parents who also work could give them some relief from having to do more work when they get home at the end of the day.


  • Halloween Specials!

Having a spooky Halloween themed email is a fun way to check in on your customers and tell them about any deals you have going on. To double up on this, if your customer base seems to be fairly religious you could do an All Saints Day email which is the day after Halloween!


  • Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is another holiday where family tends to cram into a single house. Make sure your customers know you want to help them clean up!

  •  Blackfriday gift cards

Take advantage of people trying to get good deals on Black Friday with your very own Black Friday Giftcards!

  • Veterans Day

Show your customers you’re thankful for those who served in the armed forces to protect our country by sending out a veteran day themed email!


  • Christmas presents!

Let your customers know you’re there for last-minute gift ideas!