Less chemistry equals more benefits.
sponsored articleThere are sound reasons to use less cleaning or sanitizing chemistry in your residential service business, to help your customers and staff get more out of life. 

This applies especially to chemical disinfectants, as these products are often the most toxic to people, pets, and of course, pests.

Less Chemistry = More Health 

Endocrine Disruptors (EDs) are chemicals in many conventional cleaning and disinfecting products, that act like hormones in humans (and wildlife). They are active in parts-per-billion, so the old rule of “dose makes the poison” no longer applies, and tiny amounts of EDs can have a big effect on the way our bodies function. Remember hormones control growth, development, moods and many other aspects of health. That’s why fish in America’s waterways are developing both sets of sex glands, and other abnormalities.  Reducing or limiting exposure to EDs – i.e., less – can only mean more possibilities for health.

Less Chemistry = More Time

Chemicals leave residues.  Many chemicals are biodegradable, which means microbes feed on them unless rinsed from surfaces. Residues create harborage for germs, promote biofilms, and contaminate surfaces. Residues take time and effort to remove – translation, cleaning off residues takes time. Use non-chemical interventions, like water, steam vapor, microfiber cloths, and save time while preventing exposure.

Less Chemistry = More Money 

Estimates are that buying cleaning chemicals costs several hundred dollars per household per year.  Multiply that by the number of homes you clean annually. Less chemistry = more money for other purchases or business investments.

TANCS flowchartLess Chemistry = Cleaner Environment

What is not brought into your customers’ home, does not have to be removed later. That applies to brick and mortar – or sticks and nails – homes, but also to our planetary one.  If we stop introducing “chemical cleaners” (an oxymoron to be sure) into homes, we will have a cleaner environment – in and out – period. 

Start today. How? Consider TANCS® dry steam vapor by Advanced Vapor Technologies. (Click image of flowchart to enlarge.)

TANCS® Steam Vapor Solution

TANCS® steam vapor is an effective, non-chemical, tap-water-only cleaning and disinfecting tool (with an EPA Establishment number).  Heat delivered to the surface penetrates soil, as well as biofilm, for removal.

Gerba PodcastThe system uses controlled, directed, low-moisture, high temperature, chemical-free steam vapor that reaches temperatures of 215-230° when concentrated and focused on the surface.  

The tools provided with the system are designed to safely transfer the heat energy in the TANCS®-treated steam to a variety of surfaces. 

TANCS’s concentrated hot moist steam vapor penetrates deeply into surface micro-pores and offers several key advantages:
Heat energy reduces the wiping and scrubbing otherwise required because the heat provides the energy to quickly penetrate and loosen embedded soils.

  • TANCS® steam vapor provides a deep clean by penetrating into areas and pores most topical applications never reach. 
  • High temperature TANCS® steam vapor penetrates and destroys organisms within the biofilm and disrupts the biofilm colony allowing for more efficient removal. 
  • Disinfecting occurs in seconds, not minutes, largely eliminating dwell-time concerns.
  • There is minimal use of water, leaving little to cleanup when the process is completed; that also means faster drying times.
  • Chemical-related injury and exposure is eliminated.
  • Cross-contamination is eliminated (heat destroys microbes in the applicator).

Tanner PodcastTANCS® steam vapor reaches deep into areas that other methods cannot, and accessories, such as extension handles, enable better access while preventing squatting, stooping and other ergonomically unfriendly positions associated with manual wiping.

The use of TANCS® dry steam vapor enables health enhancing, repeatable, winning results each and every time, in each and every home you clean, and proves that using less chemistry equals better cleaning and disinfecting, and more health for you, your staff, your customers and your business.

Allen Rathey writes about healthier cleaning, homes and facilities, and is the principal of InstructionLink/JanTrain, Inc.

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