There comes a time or situation when cleaning your own home starts to achieve diminishing returns, to borrow from the business world

How long have you been cleaning your own home? Us, we’ve been doing this since we were kids, taught my mom and assigned house cleaning tasks as part of after school chores. And we did them after school because the back up date was Saturday morning. Ick!

But there comes a time or situation when cleaning your own home starts to achieve diminishing returns, to borrow from the business world. We hear a lot of reasons why folks are seeking out professional home cleaning services each time we meet a new client for their FREE in-home consultation and estimate:

    But the #1 reason we hear is that cleaning well takes so much time, time that you really want to spend building sandcastles with your kids at the beach or lake or shopping with your friends. Sometimes the time is really needed when you have to work on the weekend to finish up a report or, in the saddest of situations, to spend as much time with a loved one with failing health.


    Sydney, Australia-based HouseProud Cleaning

    “love[s] to know that we are making a difference to the quality of people’s lives and helping reduce stress to create happier Sydney families.”

    Their customers save time and energy…and money…by hiring a professional cleaning service to do something they’re not really very good at.

    And when you think about how much time it takes you to clean your home, around your kids, your husband/wife, your pets, fitting in one chore at a time in between cooking dinner and taking Timmy to soccer practice, you’ve just spent five hours trying to sweep up the dirt tracked in by the hubby…and nothing else is clean either.

    That’s when the “expense” of hiring a professional cleaning service tips the balance on those diminishing returns. Knowing that while you are out (or even home) with Timmy at soccer and then off to the dog park to run Fido around, your cleaning specialist (or team in some cases) is taking care of the entire kit and caboodle.

    Jenny Smythe, author of Minimalism Defined: minimize stuff, maximize life, compares “cleaning therapy” to “retail therapy”:

    to know that someone is coming in to clean, just makes me feel so good. I love the smell of a clean space. You can see it on my face and tell by the sound of my voice I become more at ease and energetic.

    Another way to look at outsourcing your home cleaning is that you are creating jobs. This is exactly how one entrepreneurial college student started Student Maid in Gainsville, Florida. These savvy students make the grade and build the personal and professional skills that enable them to soar to the top of the resume pile when they graduate, all while saving you time and money.

    Just imagine, outsourcing your cleaning can help create good jobs to support a rebounding economy. And you get to skip the work and stress of cleaning the house yourself!

    PS—these are also great reasons to gift professional home cleaning services, whether just once, for a limited period of time, or on an on-going basis.

    Naturally, there are quite a few other reasons to hire a professional cleaning service for your home. Check back to our blog to learn more about them!