Make a different mark on the cleaning industry by entering your custom products for retail development. Deadline January 19, 2015

Casabella and Edison Nation have partnered in an exclusive search to find fresh new ideas for cleaning products.  Anyone who has an innovative idea can submit sketches, descriptions, prototypes, or even market-ready products. 

Specializing in housewares and cleaning products, Casabella designs, assembles and distributes a wide variety of products through a global network of retailers. With a desire to extend its reach for new products, the team enlisted the help of Edison Nation, an online community that works with inventors to bring their product ideas to market.

In a 2011 Edison Nation survey, 4 in 10 Americans reported having an idea for a new invention or idea that improves on an existing product in the marketplace. However, nearly two-thirds of Americans never made an attempt at turning their idea into a reality. Obstacles such as lack of resources and concerns of failure have accounted for many of the unseen product inventions. The search appeals to the everyday consumer with a game-changing idea – one who needs guidance in one or more stages of the product development process, such as filing for a patent, licensing, manufacturing or distribution.

The product search aims to promote innovative products that change the way people clean floors, kitchens and bathrooms and combine strength in form and function. Products will be evaluated based on criteria established by Casabella. Submissions should adhere to the following:

  • Focus on great design and quality
  • Pay attention to ergonomics
  • Be an improvement or solution to everyday tasks 

In addition, Edison Nation will apply its own review process to the search, assessing additional factors such as competitor products and intellectual property.

The submission period runs through January 19, 2015. For more information, visit the submission website.

Louis Foreman is the CEO of Edison Nation, which specializes in finding and empowering the development of new and innovative consumer products.