Whether you use XCharge with ServiceCEO or as a stand-alone service, you’re now auto-enrolled in their settlement service.

Cleaning businesses and other service providers who use XCharge credit card processing are this week receiving a notice in the mail about being automatically enrolled in XCharge’s Merchant Payment Card Settlement Service. This service is intended to assist you in collecting on your settlement disbursement later this year from the class action lawsuit against Visa and MasterCard.

The pertinent details:

  • You are automatically enrolled in the XCharge service
  • You will be automatically charged $199 for enrollment to the service
  • XCharge will file all claims related to the settlement on your behalf
  • To prevent the $199 charge, you must opt-out of the service
  • Those who opt out may have to file their own claims to recover a percentage of uncollected payments 

All businesses are encouraged to identify any uncollected balances from the time period of the suit (January 2004 – November 2012) to determine the percentage of those balances they are likely to receive from the settlement; this will help determine if the XCharge program is the right choice for your business.

If you are an XCharge user and haven’t received your notice, please visit www.x-charge.com/MCAG or call 888.697.8008.