Improve cleaning times by Cleaning with Both Hands.

If you’re imagining Mr. Miyagi teaching young Daniel to “wax on; wax off,” you’re not wrong. Little frustrates an owner or training supervisor more than to know that you’ve trained your technicians on every detail of your cleaning method, but still they’re missing things on the work order, overlooking opportunities to wow your clients, forgetting even some basic habits. One of those basic best practices is “Cleaning with Both Hands,” featured on Liz Trotter’s October series of Daily Engagement Videos (DEVs), which teach and remind everyone (even owners) of the basic behaviors and habits that make work 1) a successful professional experience and 2) an enjoyable place to be every day. Check it out!

The Daily Engagement Video series (DEV) produced by Cleaning Business Builders, is designed as a simple and universal basic business skills training. Simple in that it is literally a push-and-play DVD series. Universal in that each video addresses best practices in a wide array of professional life skills — customer service skills, reminders about appearance, keeping personal lives in order and out of the daily business. 

Benefits of the monthly DEVs include:

  • 25 3-5-minute videos on life and professional basics 
  • Designed to be played as part of a daily in-service 
  • Easy to make into a series of topics for weekly, bi-weekly, tri-weekly or monthly in-services 
  • Owners are able to preview and select which video to show
  • User-friendly DVD format for the trainer to hit “play” and walk away
  • Created and hosted by cleaning business owner and motivational speaker Liz Trotter
  • Presented in a conversational, informal style

The DEV series is provides nearly two hours of training each month on DVD. In this example video, Liz Trotter talks to your technicians about using both hands to while cleaning as one way to improve efficiency. 

This article is sponsored by Cleaning Business Builders.