Join Martha Woodward at the ARCSI Convention for her 2-part class on spotting and eradicating employee misery with an employee engagement program with meaning, caring, and value.
I am Martha Woodward, and I own the maid service Dusting Divas.  I have two offices in the Tulsa, OK area. I have been in business for 8 years and currently have 22 employees.

At the 2015 ARCSI Convention in Las Vegas, I will be presenting a two-part course on the subject of employee engagement. The principles I will be covering are from the book The Three Signs of a Miserable Job by Patrick Lencioni.  Together, we will review the three components of a miserable job: Anonymity, Irrelevance, and Immeasurement.  These 3 factors are the driving factors behind job dissatisfaction.

In the first session, I will help you identify your company’s strengths and weaknesses regarding employee engagement. I will review how engaged employees have a direct influence on your bottom line – your profitability. I will also identify who is primarily responsible for keeping employees engaged. The answer may surprise you! 

Business owners often erroneously think that more money will make employees happier, stay longer, etc.  However, that is only a short-term solution to staff dissatisfaction. In our industry, many of our employees come to us with low self-esteem and a need for external confirmation of relevance and importance. Working at a job which fills the void and improves self-esteem goes a long way towards job satisfaction.  

For each category of employee satisfaction that we explore, you will be given at least two (2) actionable items that you can implement right away in your company. I will take you through the process we use in my company: the process we used to evaluate strengths and weaknesses, our results, and the action items we applied. Beginning with a review of our process will spark ideas for how you can reproduce the same process and tweak your own game plan for your company.

In Part 2 of the presentation, I will cover why the measurement category is so important to employee retention and job satisfaction.  I will show you examples of what we measure in my company, and how we report the measurement findings to the staff. I will also demonstrate how we took our most popular benefits and tied them to the measurement of key performance indicators. 

I’ll break apart the bonus and benefit programs that we use to motivate top performers at Dusting Divas. You’ll be given the tools to create your own programs, so you can reward the employees who are delivering the results that you want.

It’s imperative to me that you walk away with actionable items that you can implement in your own company immediately.  So be ready, take notes, and don’t leave the room without action items you can implement right away.

Martha Woodward is the founder and owner of Dusting Divas, with 2 locations in Tulsa, OK. Martha retains top quality employees with continuous training and positive employee engagement.