If a deal is struck, only SEIU union-member cleaning services will be able to clean for Airbnb hosts in New York City.
In what would be a ground-breaking move, Airbnb and the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) are near to an agreement where only union-member cleaning companies and other home service providers will be eligible to provide services for Airbnb hosts operating in New York City.

Currently, Airbnb already encourages its hosts to hire Cooperative Cleaning, a Brooklyn-based worker-owned company pilot program guaranteeing at least $15/hr for host services associates and which is an SEIU member company.

With Angie’s List citing 112 and 77 “Best” cleaning services in Manhattan and Brooklyn, respectively – not to mention the countless businesses not listed with the review site – that’s a lot of cleaning services who stand to lose out on recurring service with Airbnb hosts, who account for as much as 26% of the 2.6 Million housing units available in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens alone.

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