As the tried but true saying goes, “Cleanliness is next to godliness”, and by keeping the rooms in your home in tip-top-shape, you lead a happy and healthy life.

You brush your teeth, you comb your hair, and you clean your room.  Well, you’re supposed to, anyway.  As the tried but true saying goes, “Cleanliness is next to godliness”, and by keeping the rooms in your home in tip-top-shape, you lead a happy and healthy life.


But you don’t have to take our word for it… that’s what dear ol’ mom and dad are for!   Think about it – since the time you were able to make a mess of your personal living space, they were more than ready to tell you to do the complete opposite… most likely on an otherwise beautiful Saturday afternoon. 

A little bit goes a (very) long way…

You are what you eat – or perhaps better yet, live.  A neat and well-kept house demonstrates personal care and high understanding of respect and responsibility.  A domain over-run with cluttered this and clustered that, on the contrary, speaks to a life of hectic affairs and perhaps complete lack of self awareness and value. 





You can do it! YES, YOU!

Our friends over at Better Homes & Gardens (in April, 2008), suggest that we divvy up chores between all those who live under the same roof – be you a traditional family, grandparents and children, or even young-professional roommates, the more hands on deck (read: broom), the better. 

So when do we get to it?!

We know.  You’re busy.  We are, too!  As a result, we understand that housecleaning is often put on the back burner, save the pending of holidays or special events.  While a good intention, this often results in a tedious task that encounters the accumulation of much more trash and tidbits than is really necessary.  BHG also says that it would make things easier to schedule housecleaning at least once a week – much like the way you may work out a schedule of paying bills, going to the gym, or to the grocery store.  Much like the effort to make cleaning a routine, working out a room-by-room plan and following it accordingly makes the task more efficient. 



Now what?!  We’ve got you covered with some basics…



In the laundry room – Whenever you do the laundry, include the upholstery, rugs, and all the kitchen linen. Wash the different clothes separately to avoid the color of one running into another.

Flooring – Disinfectant and anti-bacterial floor cleaning agents are available in the market…particularly those that are chemical free (can you blame us for suggesting it to you?  Our site is full of useful information on the topic!) You could opt for professional help if the carpets are expensive and delicate, to avoid damaging them (we can help!)


Furniture Care –  Check frequently used pieces for things like wear and tear, water damage, or insect invasions (eek!).  Not letting such problems get too out of hand is key in keeping your goods around for the long haul. 

Managing the outdoors – We know, we know – yard work is indeed a bit different from house cleaning, but it follows the same principles and values.  A well kept lawn and spruced vegetation is a symbol of warm, inviting home with prideful owners!  

Cleaning the bathroom – As the most used room in the house, you need to keep on top of this one!  Because of the high-traffic in this room, it is most advisable to use disinfectants and to keep stocked with clean towels and personal cleansers. 

Benefits of having a clean house




 As we mentioned above, clutter free really is the way to be (rhymes and all).  Not only are you more comfortable in your surroundings, you’re bound to feel better about yourself – nothing makes a good day great like a little bit of personal accomplishment.  As boring as it may be, know that it is a true sign of maturity and self respect when you take matters in to your own hands and create a home all your own… spic and span!