Dust, grime, and pollution will eventually obstruct the view from the windows of homes and offices. At times, they may even block the precious sunlight sparkle, and leave with a blurry vision from inside out. As a window cleaning company, you want to help homeowners and business owners get rid of these circumstances by making sure their windows are clean. 

Professional window cleaners share helpful tips to their clients to get their windows squeaky clean. Your customers can benefit from this refresher course as it’ll give them a helpful guide on how to clean them properly. 

Here are some of the best window cleaning tips you can share with your customers so you can position yourself as an expert:

Clean Windows On A Cloudy Day

Not everyone puts importance on the weather when they decide to clean their windows. They automatically think cleaning it on a sunny day is more preferable than during the rainy season. However, sunny days aren’t necessarily the ideal time since the sun will dry up the glass too quickly, which will usually result in dreaded streaks. Sometimes, the leftover lines are even hard to remove.

Remind your clients to choose a cloudy day when cleaning their windows. This will give them perfect weather for their windows to dry up gradually, leaving no time for streaks to form. However, when the weather doesn’t cooperate, they can always start on the house’s shady part and move onto the rest when the sun finally sets.

Remove Curtains And Blinds

When cleaning, always remove your curtains and easy cleaning blinds so they can also be cleaned and washed if possible. Tell your customers not to forget to give their drapes a good soak with fabric freshener to increase the overall cleanliness of their windows’ interiors, too. 

Choose The Best Cleaner

Continuing into the entire cleaning process, you should remind your potential customers to use the best cleaner to eliminate all the dust and dirt from the windows. They should never hold back on the spray and advise them to use plenty of cleaning solutions that dissolved with water.

Using a spray is more competent to prevent any drips and mess. This becomes a more organized way of handling your cleaning chemicals, too. 

If some parts of the window frames have soil stains and are more stubborn to remove, there are abrasive cleaners available to specifically target them.

Remove Dirt And Dust

Before starting, tell your clients to sweep the dirt and remove the cobwebs from the window frame and windowsills. They usually accumulate over the months, especially if they haven’t given attention to these areas. They can use a brush or simply vacuum it all up with a dusting attachment. 

If the window glasses have bird poop stains or any other animal grimes that seem stubborn to remove with a brush, homeowners can wash them all off with hot and bubbly water. They may use a soft brush to scrape the dirt off. Let it dry once you finished rinsing the soapy water off.

Use Microfiber Cloth

Some people might be better off using drying panes and newspaper, while some use reusable microfiber cloths. It’s recommended to use the latter as they’re more absorbent, washable, and leave your window glass shiny without any formed streaks.

Microfiber cloth is suggested to be incapable of leaving any strands or particles onto your glass’ surface. They leave no spots, smudges, or dirt, too. Unlike paper towels that may leave some lint behind, using microfiber cloth prevents the latter from occurring. It also doesn’t scratch your windows, so the glass will remain as clear as it should be.

Clean From Top To Bottom

Advise your clients to always start from the top and work your way down to the bottom. Suggest this common rule to your clients if they want their windows streak-free. Cleaning solutions usually drip, so make use of gravity and let these solutions drip into the areas they haven’t cleaned yet. Doing so will save them time and physical energy, too.

Try Traditional Methods

If some family members have allergies from robust cleaning solutions and chemicals, remind homeowners that they can give traditional cleaning remedies a go. They may prepare their own organic cleaning solution by adding two tablespoons of vinegar and dilute it with a bucket of warm water. 

Remind your customers that they may also add two tablespoons of household ammonia if their windows have stubborn stains. Make sure they wear rubber gloves during the entire process. At the end of it all, they may use crumpled newspaper to dry the glass and give it a sparkling finish.

This method is cost-effective, environmentally friendly, and easy to do and prepare. Homeowners can try it out and keep their rooms light and bright always.

Include The Window Edges

One of the areas people often overlook when cleaning is the window edges that can be included when washing windows with soapy water. They usually don’t require extensive care as they can be easily wiped off and cleaned in no time.

However, if they are using PVC material, it’s recommended to use a cream-based cleanser or a whitening product instead. This will allow the windows to remain looking new for a longer period of time.  They can also use toothpaste as the whitening agents are suggested to sustain and improve their color quality.

Protect The Woodwork

If the windows use framed wooden materials, homeowners should be careful on how to handle these areas. Prevent drips on the woodwork because they can be damaged over time. One way of preventing this is to place a small cloth into the wood or windowsill. This can serve as an absorbent for any drips or liquid substances poured down. 

Avoid spraying too much cleaner all at once. Just spray in small sections–enough to use in a few wipes.


As a professional window cleaning company, remind your clients that cleaning windows at least twice a year should be enough to keep them well-maintained. They can seek your professional services if they don’t have time to do it. As long as people follow this set of guidelines for cleaning their windows, they’ll rest assured that their windows will look vibrant and clear for a long time.