In this series of blog posts, three veterans of the cleaning business tell you how they lost BIG money on a few mistakes (so you won’t have to)!
Today’s Daily Tip is the first in a series of posts called Seven Mistakes That Cost You BIG Money. In this series, you’ll learn about a few expensive errors Cleaning Business Today Publisher Tom Stewart, Editor in Chief Derek Christian and Bruce Vance of the Institute of Service Excellence (ISE) made when they were just starting out.

Our first piece of advice for cleaning business owners is a simple, yet important lesson and a topic we’ve written about in both the April (Cleaner’s Corner: The More You Know) and May (Cleaner’s Corner: Etched in Stone) issues of Cleaning Business Today. Today’s warning comes to us from Bruce Vance, who committed this error that cost him tens of thousands of dollars! 

Know your products and services

The Moral: 

What you don’t know CAN hurt you!

Tom, Derek and Bruce present these and other practical lessons as part of their Foundations of Business program, a unique sixth-month business development and growth program that allows you to work with industry leaders and a small group of colleagues to establish the support systems you’ll need to run your cleaning business smoothly and profitably. For more information about the Foundations of Business program, click here